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Club Amenities

The OG Club is a private club for members and guests to enjoy the sport of golf. Functionally like our favorite clubs, but convenient and contemporary, The OG Club hosts the best golf simulators for play and practice, no matter the weather.

Once inside, a comfortable blend of secluded and open areas intertwine to create ideal opportunities for private gatherings, shared community events, and new-found fellowship. For those seeking a sense of retreat to work on their yardages in private, or hoping to squeeze in a quick loop during their lunch hour, The OG Club has been crafted for you. 

A full-service kitchen and bar act as the social hub for the Club, providing classic eats and drinks throughout the comfortable dining area and gaming spaces.




Come for the Golf, Stay for the Vibes...

Immersive Golf Experience

Well equipped bays with seating, TVs, and best-in-class simulators. Practice and play on 40+ famous courses.

Hand-Crafted Drinks & Cigars

Enjoy a bartender that knows your favorite premium spirit, fine cigars, and good company!

Elite Social Calendar

Enjoy a variety of events with a diverse community of passionate golfers from all walks of life.

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