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Our Story

Traditional green grass golf has taken the ultimate nose dive. Golf enthusiasts will debate for decades as to “why” but the reality remains: green grass golf is no longer the booming sport as it was in the late 1990’s. All of us are hard working professionals, who like many of our peers, struggle to find the hours necessary to work golf into daily life - at least as much as we’d like. Whether we play at existing clubs in town or travel hours outside the city, we still manage to find time for #GolfVibes. 

Entrepreneurs have sought to build a more convenient way to play our game for decades, until now, the technology has been limited and insufficient. Superior computer graphics and affordable hardware have prompted the right time to organize community around these advancements. 

Simulation technology does not only enhance the game, it is game-changing. We are entering an extraordinary period of transition and it’s a great time to be a golfer. What is profound about today’s technology? Golf can now reasonably be replicated and approximated indoors, no matter the weather or time.

Like all innovative disruptions, more questions arise: First and foremost, what does this mean for the future of the game? But The OG Club  also asks bigger questions - What if there was a way to recreate the very best attributes of a private club experience within just a few minutes of one’s office or home? What if a private-caliber round could be played after dusk or during inclement weather? What if that round could be squeezed in during lunch hour? What if golf could be played without having to change out of slacks and a button down? And what if all of these logistical pleasures could be accompanied by all of the luxuries and convenience of a private club experience? 

With today’s modern simulators, all of these benefits are indeed possible.

Golf Clubs

The organizing principle of The OG Club is very simple: more golf for your time with like-minded golfers in an environment reminiscent to the private clubs we know and love.

Our first task was to focus just as closely on nailing the culture, vibe and experience of the club as we would on the technology piece. What makes the private club experience different from a public access experience is the convenience, the camaraderie, the sense of mutual familiarity with the staff, and the thoughtfulness of details, both tangible and service-based.

The more thoughtful the offering, the better the experience. And so began a long ideation process -

Where would the ideal location be? What would the space feel like? What amenities were essential? What could be eliminated? How many members is just the right amount? What should the social scene feel like? And finally after considering all these details and many more very carefully, what is the absolute highest quality equipment we could provide to our members?

Over the course of a few months, our group of golf entrepreneurs with a question became a group of golf investors with an answer. That answer is The OG Club -  the private indoor club for members and guests to enjoy the sport of golf.

As members of The OG Club, we expect the very best from the experience of our private club all the way around. In terms of thoughtfulness and detail, it should be no different indoors than it is outdoors. 

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